Iva Kaufman Associates
provides clients with a strategic and venturesome approach to social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropy, and nonprofit management.


Iva Kaufman Associates

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The BarnYardGroupThe BarnYardGroup is a social media, marketing and communications company that partners with IKA to boost the efforts of our already established team. Through an innovative and tested model, IKA and BarnYardGroup pair their expertise to help clients achieve their goals through social media outreach and gaining visibility on a global scale.

 "Iva Kaufmann is a women with a mission to make the world a better place. The team's greatest assets lie in their ability to listen to their client needs and translate those into solutions that matter for all parties and the world. Iva herself is set to change the world one person at a time and she will do it!”
- Valarie A. Gelb, C.E.O. TheBarnYardGroup

On The Green CarpetOn the Green Carpet (OTGC) is lead by Jewell Sparks as a strategic marketing and media expert. She supports the efforts of IKA through tactfully activating networks to alert them to causes, upcoming events and progress.